Module VI Coaching

After successfully completing your simulation with your coach you will be able to proceed to the next module.

If you still need to schedule your coaching session, please click on the link below to do so. When scheduling time with your coach, be sure you allow enough time prior to your appointment to study the lesson, watch the demo, view the “explanation of the simulation” and have your test evaluated by your coach. (Typically, these 4 steps take between 2 to 6 days.)

We want to honor your time as well as ensure that you have mastered the concepts in this module.  It is important that we receive your test at least 24 hours prior to your coaching appointment.  Please schedule accordingly. If we don’t receive your test 24 hours prior to your coaching session, your appointment will be automatically canceled. We are happy to have you reschedule your appointment.

Schedule Coaching Session

If you have already completed your coaching session and have passed, your coach will inform you when you are released to move on to Module VII. Please make sure to complete the Action Plan for Module VI.

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